The Wallace Collection

The Wallace Collection

A Museum Collection occupying Hertford House in Manchester Square.

This eclectic collection features fine and decorative art ranging from the 15th to 19th centuries. Adorning the  25 galleries are prestigious French 18th-century paintings, Old Masters, furniture, porcelain and an extensive collection of arms and armoury.

Named after Sir Richard Wallace, who along with the Marquess of Hertford, developed the collection during the 18th and 19th Centuries, a testament to their passion of the finer arts.

Wallace’s widow Julie Amelie Charlotte Castelnau bequeathed the collection in it’s entirety to the nation. The collection permanently opened to the public in 1900.

An unusual condition of the bequest was that no object should ever leave the collection, even on loan. One hundred and nineteen years after the collection opened the Board of Trustees obtained an order from the Charity Commission of England and Wales allowing, for the first time, a temporary loan agreement to other exhibitions.


Located near Bond Street and Baker Street Tube Station The Wallace Collection is open to the public and entrance is free.
















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