First Impressions – Curb appeal

What can you remember from your first visit to a property

Can you think of a time when you first visited someone’s home? It could have belonged to a friend, a family member or maybe you were looking to buy?

Remember that moment?

What were your first impressions?

Was it the sunlight sparkling off the freshly cleaned windows or the brightly  coloured  front door. Maybe you remember the beautifully landscaped garden. Whatever feature it was that drew your attention  you can probably still visualise it many years later.

“Curb Appeal” is how your home looks from the curb. A term used by estate agents referring to “the aesthetic attractiveness of a property, as viewed from some distance by a prospective buyer”.

Curb Appeal is a crucial factor when considering selling your home.


Give A Strong First Impression

The first impression should always be the best impression. Negative  impressions always remain with us longer and tend to play a stronger role in onward reflection.
If your roof tiles are slipping and your paint is faded a potential buyers may not even want to step inside.

If weeds are growing and paths are strewn with rubbish the common assumption is that the property may have several other issues.

The ideal scenario is to sell your home quickly and for the best price. If it looks in great shape outside potential buyers will certainly be interested to see what the inside looks like as well.

Appeal To The Drive-By Buyers

Drive pasts are a great way for potential buyers to start their research. This helps them get an idea of how the place looks and feels as well as check out what the area and nearby facilities are like.

A few may even walk past and take a quick peek into the front garden. As soon as your property goes on to the market it is essential that it looks it’s best . Potential buyers may start to research your home and area the very next day.

If your curb appeal declines , you will most probably lose out on a potential sale.


Make sure your home stands out from The Neighbours.


Potential home buyers are essentially comparing your house to those in the neighbourhood. Contrast is good and can make your house stand out. If your house looks the best on the street, you should be able to achieve the best price .

  • Paint the Front Door
  • Plant some Greenery – planters or window boxes are a good option for small spaces.
  • Clean and pressure wash the whole area where possible
  • Display the House Number Clearly
  • Clean The Gutters

Once you feel ready to list your home for sale, get in touch for some additional Curb Appeal tips and book a free valuation

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