Sell as is or Fix Up

Old or New

Your home could be a few years or several decades old. Regardless of its age, the sales process will be significantly affected by its physical condition. We have outlined a few crucial questions that can help you decide if you must sell your home ‘as is’ or you should fix it up a little before you start the process.

Have You Had A Home Inspection?

Before selling your home, an excellent first step involves booking a home buyers survey. With this, you can learn about the entire list of minor and significant issues with your home. In the case of minor problems, you can patch them up before selling. But if there are costly repairs that are recommended, you may have to reconsider the situation.


A home buyers survey gives you a competitive edge over other homes that are for sale. Potential buyers are essentially informed that you have taken adequate steps to ensure that they don’t deal with any issues later on. Moreover, they are unlikely to find anything when they conduct their own inspection.

Can You Afford Renovation And Repair Costs?

When we speak of expensive repairs, you must question if you can invest adequate money to fix up your house. Based on the results of the inspection, you may have to spend thousands of pounds on renovation. But if you do not possess adequate money, you may have to sell as-is.

How Fast Do You Need To Sell?

One more important question to answer is the urgency of making a sale. If you are in a hurry and are moving somewhere, you would have no choice but to sell as-is. Otherwise, you can spend some time on renovations or repairs before placing it on the market.

What Does Your Agent Recommend?

Lastly, what does your estate agent recommend? If minor repairs are required, or the market is hot, you may be advised to sell as-is. Alternatively, in the case of a slow market, you may have to spend some time fixing things up.

A good estate agent will offer sound advice suited to you. So if you would like advice on whether to sell or renovate, get in touch for a free valuation and advice session. We will be more than happy to provide insights.


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