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Spring is often considered the optimum time to put your property to market. Days are brighter and longer so  people tend to be more open to viewings in sunnier times rather than during a wet, cold or even snowy winters day.

However buyer demand means advertising your home in the quieter months gives you a distinct advantage and opportunity to command a premium price.

Basically anytime is a good time to sell!

Do your research and choose the right agent with the right strategy for you.

Before your agent lists your  home, you must make sure it looks its best. Assess your living space and look at it as though you are a buyer.

Remove  clutter

Step back and take a good look around you.

Clear those countertops and tidy up that book case. Take a look in the wardrobe and have a good clear out. If you have a garage or storage space start working your way through it.

Pack all of your personal possessions away and keep the  boxes tidy. Store all those little knick-knacks, photo frames and keep sakes of long forgotten holidays somewhere safe .

Everything you are planning to keep must be boxed up and safely stored away.

Remember  cardboard only has so much strength and so do you. DON’T  overfill a box!


Make The Best use of Space

Re-arrange the furniture or move some on if you are not planning to keep it. Create a look with the largest room space possible. Keep the packed boxes stored out of sight or at least place them tidily in one part of a room.

Potential buyers want to visualise  themselves living  in your property without the  distractions of clutter and oversized or chaotic furniture arrangements.


Finish minor repairs

Ensure no leaks or damp areas. Check that all doors close properly and any holes in the walls get patched. A fresh lick of paint really can make a huge difference.

It is worth investing a little in the property just to make sure that it looks aesthetically pleasing and ready to move in to for a potential new buyer.


Make it Sparkle 

Windows, floors, mirrors and  bathrooms need to  sparkle.

Remember to dust all the surfaces. Keep the space clean, fresh and smelling great.

Clean towels, a made bed  and empty bins can really help sell a property too.


Don’t forget the garden or outdoor space 

How your garden and outdoor spaces looks will create that all important memorable first impression.

Keep the lawn mowed , pressure wash walkways and brighten it up with some flowers and greenery. For more hints and tips take a look at our “First Impressions- Curb Appeal” blog..

There are many ways to ensure that your home holds an advantage over the competition. Your property’s overall look will accelerate the process of selling.

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