Property as Investment

Property for Investment

Are you considering property as an  investment opportunity?

Here we  discuss crucial tips for purchasing a profitable rental property.

Buy A Property With Year-Round Potential

Many property investors believe that ideal rental properties are those that generate income every single day. One of the best ways to achieve this is to promote long-term stable tenancy with renters who have no intention of moving on any time soon.

How Do You Achieve This

Many factors can determine if a property could yield long term rental potential but close proximity to  education and employment facilities are hugely influential.

When considering which property to buy look at local property listings that are close to schools, colleges and large employers such as hospitals or factories to see if there is anything suitable with rental potential.

Liaise closely with your estate agent to let them know what type of property you are looking for or speak to a buyers agent who can do the searching and research on your behalf.

After garnering adequate experience and investing in other properties, try to look for a vacation or short-term stay homes, but only after attaining stability.

Budget Forecasting

Formulate a budget based on revenue and expenses predictions. Check out rental listings in your target communities and get a good understanding of the rental market. See what landlords in the area are charging and gauge your property ideal by similarity.

Then, you can compare your estimated monthly mortgage payment (if you are planning to have one), taxes, utility costs and repairs.

Regardless of how many enquiries you may make these predictions can never be quite accurate but they are a really good foundation to work from. This will help you determine if a particular area or property type is likely to bring in the revenue you require.

Rental Properties Are A Business

Now the early steps of finances have been handled it’s time to formulate a complete business structure.

The majority of investors create their portfolio in an incorporated or limited-liability company, decreasing personal exposure.

This is also a helpful strategy to mitigate legal issues that could emerge as your investments grow.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy significant tax benefits, including writing off expenses such as repairs, contractor work and renovations.

Use Experienced Professionals

Remember to only work with experienced contractors with proper licenses, certification, as well as references.



If you pay for quality work initially, you won’t deal with excessive repair bills at a later point.

If you are all set to invest in rental properties, get in touch

Our professional team will be glad to share listings that work perfectly as investments for rental income generation. Both on-market opportunities, but importantly, we can target off-market homes that match your investment criteria.

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